How To Do Yoga At Home The Right Way

How to do yoga at home – Hello friends, do you want to know how to do yoga at home or what is the right way to do yoga at home, then you are on the right article, let me introduce you to yoga exercises today. Let me tell you how to do it. And how to do it. For youth by mail. Ways to keep your body, mind and body fit will be explained in Hindi.

Friends, yoga is very good and calms our mind because there is a lot of stress in our life and we enter this stress in our body which affects our home and family. The importance of our conversation is only who we talk to, the biggest issue is how to live this life happily.

There are many people who do not get time to exercise and who do not get time to go to the gym, so how can a person maintain his fitness and keep his mind calm and healthy? Can keep? His body? He will keep. Difficult

So the best way that we are going to tell you is that if you do not have time, you do not have time, then start doing yoga. It has many benefits for the youth. The path will change.

Practicing yoga will remove the irritability inside your mind and you will also get angry and you will be more stressed and your mind will be very busy and sometimes you will feel stressed and you will also feel pain in the body. You can overcome this.

Friends, there are many people who think why do yoga, what are the benefits of doing yoga, then they do not understand and they think that they should earn more money in life.

Friends, we believe that if you have money in your life then it is fine, but if you do not have a body then what will you do with that money, we want to tell you more about those people who consider yoga as money. Useless. Tell them that yoga is a very good thing which keeps the body healthy, calms the mind, increases thinking ability, helps in concentrating and there are many benefits of doing yoga. To

So friends, without wasting much time let us directly see how to do yoga and how to do yoga in Hindi.

How to practice yoga at home

1. Choose the right time.

Friends, if you want to do yoga then it is very important that you choose the right time for it and we would like to tell you that the best and important time to do yoga is in the morning because it keeps your mind calm. in the morning. fresh

If you do yoga at this time, you will benefit a lot. Well, if we tell you that you have to do yoga in the morning, then if you do not have time at all in the morning, because there are a lot of people who work early in the morning, but they do not have that. it. Now you get time. You can do this in the afternoon or evening after returning home.

There is no harm in not doing any of these things, just choose the right time to do yoga and practice it at the same time every day, this will benefit you a lot and will also reduce your body temperature. better. Mind will remain healthy.

So today we are going to give you complete information about the right way to do yoga and how to do it and we hope that you will read our article carefully and pay attention to whatever we are going to tell you. You can become younger and transform your body into a healthy one even at home.

But if you have time in the morning then we would suggest you that morning is the best time to do yoga and if you have time then you should do yoga in the morning.

2. Sit in a comfortable position.

Friends, many people often ask us how to do yoga and tell us how to do yoga, so we say that the right way to do yoga is whether you do it in the right posture or not.

Because many people practice yoga, but they don’t get much benefit, they don’t get much benefit, why don’t they practice it, because they don’t adopt the right way to be young, they don’t know whether the position you have, I should sit. They do not realize this while practicing yoga and this is their biggest mistake.

This is why people say that yoga is useless, but it is completely wrong because there are many benefits of doing yoga which you might not even know about. Initially, it will be very popular in India, after that people from all over the world are practicing yoga and now youth are taking advantage of it and everyone knows that practicing yoga is not a waste of time.

So where should you do yoga while doing yoga, so we will tell you that if you have a small room then you can do yoga there.

To do yoga, you should spread a small mat and sit properly on it and also take care of the room in which you are doing yoga or the surroundings in which you are doing yoga. The environment there should be very clean. stay clean

If you can, you should practice yoga in a quiet place and only then you can reap the benefits in youth, like if there are a lot of parties going on around you or there is a lot of noise, then you can do so. Try my best to do yoga. , I can’t concentrate

Therefore, we ask you to choose a place where you do not have to think much, where you can sit and do yoga easily with a calm mind.

3. Do yoga on an empty stomach.

The best way to do yoga is to do it on an empty stomach, it will benefit you a lot. Great Baba Muni and Ramdev Babaji also say that Yoga should be done on an empty stomach and as we said it should be done in the morning, when we wake up in the morning we are completely calm and remain in the morning without eating anything. , At that time you should do yoga.

Wever do yoga immediately after eating, we have seen many people entering puberty after eating a full meal, but this is not the right way to do yoga.

We have also seen many people saying that today you had to do some yoga exercises which you forgot, then after eating you remembered that I also had to do yoga, then many people do this, let’s start doing yoga. very full

This is not the right way to do yoga, if you forget to do any yoga exercise then do it the next day, no problem, but after eating when your stomach is full then we will not be able to do it properly. How to actually practice yoga.

4. How is the style?

Friends, if you are doing yoga then you will have to do yoga wearing loose clothes only. We have seen many people wearing jeans who were young and are now teenagers. Brother you are doing yoga. How can you do yoga in jeans or yoga in a tracksuit?

We will ask you to wear clothes that you can stretch slowly so that you can fully stretch your body or that you can move your body properly so that you can get the most out of yoga.

5. Practice yoga daily.

Friends, we have seen many people who talk very loudly after watching yoga videos or reading a lot about it, so we will not tell them that if you have made up your mind that you have to do it then we will tell you. . About yoga. You took the right decision.

But we have seen that many people do it for a few days, like a day for two days or a week and then stop doing yoga. Friends, this is not the right way for teenagers to grow up.

Doing it for a day or two will not do you any good, if you do it for a week you will not get any benefit, you will feel the benefit and you will not get the benefit for long.

If you really want to see the benefits of yoga and you want to see changes in your life, then you have to practice yoga not for one day, not for two days, every day and always with friends. we can say. With the confidence that you’ll see benefits you won’t get from anything else.

6. Method of Yoga

Friends, when you are doing yoga or yoga, you should leave your body completely loose and do any yoga comfortably. It should not happen that if you are not able to do any yoga asana or you are feeling any discomfort then you are doing yoga in an aggressive manner by causing pain to your body.

Doing this can cause a lot of harm to you and your body, so we will not tell you that if you do not feel comfortable doing yoga then do not do it and know about it first. Need information.

I have seen many times that people start doing any yoga exercise without knowing the correct way, so here we tell you that you have to completely relax your body and then do the same yoga exercise so that you can do it. , I don’t feel any pain

If you are practicing yoga for the first time, we will not ask you to do the hardest yoga, rather we will ask you to do the easiest yoga, and once you practice yoga as you gain experience will happen, you will start practicing more. Difficult yoga. sum amount

7. Make changes.

Friends, it does not take much time for our body to learn its habit towards anything, if you practice the same yoga every day then you will not get much benefit.

You may need to do this from time to time to try new styles and new yoga postures. Suppose we did one yoga asana on Monday and you had to do another yoga asana on Tuesday. This means you will be able to do all the yoga exercises.

We will tell you that at first you should do two or three yoga exercises daily, then as your experience of yoga practice increases, you can do as many yoga exercises as you want in a day.

The right way to do yoga at home

So friends, now that you know how to do yoga, whatever we have covered till now, we will tell you in a few points.

1. We should always do yoga on an empty stomach, if you have eaten food then you can do yoga even after 3 to 4 hours.

2. While practicing yoga, you may have experienced nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing. We have seen many people breathing in through the mouth and exhaling through the nose while practicing yoga. This is absolutely wrong.

3. If possible, what would you do in an open space so that you can get fresh air and plenty of oxygen? You will benefit a lot by practicing yoga.

4. Friends, if you are unwell, like you have fever or cold, or have pain in your joints, then we will not ask you to do yoga at all, your health will deteriorate. If you are not feeling well then you should not do yoga that day, of course you can start doing yoga after you feel better.

5. While practicing yoga, you have to keep your body straight and exhale slowly. This does not mean that you should inhale fast and exhale equally fast. This doesn’t mean that you have to exhale slowly, but rather that you have to exhale slowly. slowly. exit

6. Always wear soft and loose clothes while practicing yoga.

Some things are important to you.

Friends, if you ask us what is the meaning of doing this?

Yoga, so we tell you that being young will increase your brain power a lot, and your thinking ability will increase a lot.

Your lungs will be fine and yoga will help you a lot in recovering from any disease.

Yoga keeps blood pressure under control.

Doing yoga keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risk of heart attack.

By doing yoga, your eyesight will also improve, your mind will always remain calm and you will not feel stressed.

Your body will become completely flexible and you will never have problems with joints or body pain.

Here we will tell you that when you do yoga, you should concentrate only on yoga, otherwise you will become young and how to party all night long, but this is completely wrong.

If you are spending your time on only one thing then it is very important that we tell you and we will tell you that if you are doing yoga then you should focus all your attention on yoga and not on yoga. Because on anything else if you are doing anything. Otherwise, if you focus on yoga, you will not be able to reap the benefits of yoga.

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