Yoga For Belly Fat. Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat

5 easy and effective asanas to reduce belly fat. Yoga for belly fat. Yoga to reduce belly fat.

Change in lifestyle has given us many advanced things. But nowadays every work is done on mobile. The movement of people has reduced rapidly. Nowadays people are very fond of fast food. All these increase obesity. Every third person is troubled by his increasing weight.

If obesity affects the body more than others, it occurs on the stomach, thighs and hips. People try many measures to get rid of obesity, but there is no result. These people lose weight. But there was no mention of fat accumulated on the stomach.

When the stomach becomes big, it becomes very difficult to reduce it. But yoga has a cure for every problem. You can reduce belly fat by doing specific yoga exercises that reduce belly fat. It often happens that some people want to reduce the size of their stomach, but want to keep the rest of the body the same.

In such a situation, doing any simple exercise affects the entire body. Therefore it is helpful in making it easier to target areas like the stomach and thighs. So let us know about yogasanas that reduce obesity fast.

Yoga to reduce belly fat. Yoga to reduce belly fat.

Burn belly fat.

Chakki Chalansana is very useful to remove belly fat. To make this easier, first sit comfortably on the floor. Now spread your legs forward. Remember that both the feet should be close to each other. Next, bring your hands together and rotate your knees in a circular motion without rotating them.

First rotate it clockwise 8-10 times, then stop and rotate counter-clockwise. Then release slowly. This is also an excellent asana for those who want to lose weight.

Balsana is also helpful

We all know Kebalasanka names babies. In this asana the body posture is exactly like that of a child. But very few of us know that it also reduces belly fat. Balasana is a great yoga method to get rid of belly fat. To do this asana, first of all you sit on the ground on your knees. Your entire body should be on your heels.

Now take a deep breath and bend forward. In this asana, your chest should touch your thighs and try to touch the floor with your forehead. Remain in this position for a few seconds. By doing this asana the muscles also get strengthened.


Paschimottanasana yoga has a direct effect on belly fat. By doing this asana there is pressure on the stomach which reduces belly fat. To do this yoga asana, first of all lie down straight. Then slowly raise your upper body and sit. Raise your arms and try to touch your feet with your hands while leaning forward. After touching the feet, remain in this position for 10 seconds. People whose stomach is bloated and very enlarged. They should make it easier.

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Learn about other easy ways to reduce belly fat.

Chakrasana. To reduce belly fat, you can keep your stomach healthy by doing Chakrasana yoga regularly. To do this asana, first of all lie down on your back by spreading a mat on the floor, then bend your knees. Keep the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Now move both hands in the direction of the body.

Make sure your palm is facing downwards. Now join your hands and lift your body up. Stay in this position for at least 1 minute. Now slowly bring the object to the surface. Do this yoga exercise at least 4 to 5 times.

Bhujang Asana. In this asana, the position of the body is like that of a cobra snake. To do this yoga exercise, first lie down on your stomach and raise your arms forward. Then push your shoulders back and lift your body up. This will strengthen the stomach muscles. Remain in this position for about 10 seconds.

Dhanurasana. Dhanurasana is useful to reduce belly fat rapidly. To do this, spread the carpet on a flat surface. Now lie down on your stomach. Then close your hands from the sides and release the nerves of the entire body. Then, now connect your heels and toes, slowly lift your legs and bend them towards your head.

Make sure there is space between your knees at this point. Now hold both the legs near the ankles with both the hands and try to raise your head, chest and thighs as high as possible while pushing the legs with the hands. Both arms should be straight. There are a few seconds in this position.

Above you learned about yoga to reduce belly fat and if you are also troubled by your increasing weight and increasing stomach problems. Therefore adopt the poses mentioned above.

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